Amergin’s Relief

Mittelrheinischer_Meister_des_13._Jahrhunderts_001Join us for Amergin’s Relief, October 20-22 2017!

As the summer season wanes to an end the travelers of An Tir migrate home for the winter months. On that journey home be sure to stop at the Hamlet of Amergin’s Relief in the Barony of Adiantum. There travelers can rest their travel weary bones for a night or two while enjoying the hospitality of Adiantum. Take a class or two at the local school, enjoy meals and entertainment in the Tall Dwarf Tavern. Hit the dart range fro some fun or the thrown weapon range for more daring practice. Adiantum’s Thrown weapons, heavy, and Bardic Championships will be contested and the first ever Thrown weapons Champion of the Summits will be made.

The Tall Dwarf Tavern will once again be making an appearance with His Alpine Highness Sir Durin Oldinmoor Tjorkillskin and Lord Skjaldar-Þorsteinn Heading up the kitchen. Join them for hearty meals and maybe even a few laughs!

Tall Dwarf Tavern

The days will be filled with competitions and classes! Below is a tentative schedule, of course subject to change.

Friday Oct 20th 4pm Gate opens
7pm Dinner
9:30pm Cut and Thrust Prize Tourney

Saturday Oct 21
7:30 am Breakfast
9:00 am Classes Begin Glove making, Storytelling, and … How to serve without burning out

10:00 am Heavy fighting with Duke Paul Bellatrix
10:30 am Active Heraldry For the Tourney Field, Fletching . ….. basics
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Heavy defenders tournament
01:30 pm Duke Paul Part 2, Scroll making part 1,
……. Heralding and Court procedures.
3:30 pm Thrown Weapons Champion tourney Begins
4:00 pm Introduction to Cut and Thrust, Scroll making
Part 2, Brewing, Fermenting Discussion panel
5:30 pm Waxed Linen Cup & Container Covers
Advanced Rapier techniques
6:30- 8pm Dinner
8:00 pm Court
9:00 pm Bardic Competition

Sunday Oct 22
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Rapier Prize Tournament
10:00 am Duke Paul Part 3, “Let’s ask Louisa”
4pm Site Closes

Event Info:

Friday, October 20 – Sunday, October 22, 2017. Hours: Friday 4pm – Sunday 4 pm

Event Fees: Adults $20. Youths $10. Adult Member Discount -$5 Checks payable to “The Barony of Adiantum.”

The Tall Dwarf Tavern will have meals available, $30 for the whole weekend, $20 for just Saturday

The Adiantum Heavy Defender tournament is bring your best and will be fought round robin or single elimination depending on how many people are in the lists.

Site Info:

Name: Applegate Regional Theater
87230 Central Road
Eugene, OR 97402

Camping and Sleeping halls are available!