Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament

Egils 42 was May 27– May 30, 2016

Wondering about the real Egil Skallagrimson?

Welcome to EgilsWhat a time it was . . .

Our heartfelt thanks to the staff and volunteers who made Egil’s Tourney 42 all possible. Without you, no Egil’s!

We already have ideas for improvements for next year, so stay tuned.

If you’re on Facebook, please post pictures from the event on the Egil event page, or post links to where your public pictures are.

If you’re new to the SCA, please join us at our weekly and monthly meetings throughout the year. Francesca Carletti is our Chatelaine, then officer in charge of welcoming newcomers. Find her contact info on the Officer page of this site. Join our active Facebook group, Barony of Adiantum, for the latest updates on activities.

So long, and  . . . see you all next year!

Tessina & Yseult