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Adiantum has many talented and active members and has hosted a variety of events throughout its history. By far the largest and most well-known event is the Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament, held every year over the Memorial Day weekend.

Photo (cc) by Walter Siegmund
Adiantum aleuticum
Photo (cc) by Walter Siegmund

The name “Adiantum” arises from the scientific genus name for the maidenhair fern, which can be found in plentiful quantities throughout the forests of the Barony.

Legend has it that Adiantum’s original proposed arms featured a banana slug — another common fixture of the region — but that this was squelched by the College of Heralds, leading to the adoption of the current arms: Sable, a double-headed bear erect affronty, forelegs upraised, heads displayed, Or, armed argent, langued and orbed gules, within a laurel wreath argent. The baronial mascot is also referred to as “The Bicranial Bear”.

Adiantum – How It All Began

Alyanora of Vinca threw a Halloween party in 1973, and five people decided to sponsor a “first SCA event” which happened January 26, 1974, at Laurelwood Community Center. That was followed by a Revel at the Hendricks Park shelter autocrated by Michael of Dragonswood and Alyanora. The next known event was a feast on January 11, 1975 at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

adiantumAfter that, activities picked up: in March there was an in-garb visit to the movie The Four Musketeers, followed by a potluck after-revel in Hendricks Park. The following month, there was an April Revel at St. Mary’s with dancing, fencing, belly dancing, singing, a potluck feast and contests for Homemade Wine, Meat Pies, Men’s & Women’s Renaissance Costume. Michael of Dragonswood was again the autocrat.

With this run-up, the group was ready to hold the first Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament on Memorial Day weekend in Armitage Park. There was a lunar eclipse, and Daphne of the House of Cruzan’s husband LeRoy cooked a whole suckling pig. It was too long for his stove at home so he smuggled it into the restaurant he worked in and cooked it there. The tourney prize was a silver mounted drinking horn by Thorgeirr Eikenskjaldi. A full page article about the tourney appeared in the May 23, 1975 Springfield News.

The next month Ulfhedinn organized a booth at the Oregon Renaissance Faire (predecessor of The Country Fair). Another Hendricks Park Revel followed in August.

At this point the group was holding monthly get-togethers for costuming, bardic singing, and culinary research. In October they held two revels: a New World Revel in Hendricks Park on Oct. 4 and a Trick or Treat Revel on Halloween. The New World potluck theme was pre-1650 western hemisphere food and there was a contest for the best story about how you got to the New World.

In November, Adiantum sponsored a showing of the film Cromwell at the U of O and planned a winter film series. In December they held a Wassail Christmas Party and roasted a goose. Dance practices were preparing everyone for the first Midwinter Feast, held January 17, 1976, at the Lane County Fairgrounds. The autocrat was Diana of Cruzan. The feast included a peacock in velvet and a dragon ice sculpture. There were contests for Best Decorated Vegetable Dish, Men’s Costume, Women’s Costume, and a Bard’s Contest for short adventure stories.

Adiantum applied for Baronial status, and the SCA Board of Directors granted their request on February 10, 1976. On March 27, Michael of Dragonswood and Alyanora di Vinca, newly appointed Baron & Baroness of Adiantum, received Grants of Arms from King William of Hoghton of the West at An Tir’s Principality Coronet Tournament in Three Mountains. In less than two and a half years Adiantum had gone from birth to Barony.

By late summer 1977, the Barony’s monthly newsletter, The Elf Hill Times, had evolved into a twice yearly arts and sciences magazine, and monthly event information was sent to the Principality’s newsletter, The Crier. In March 1978, Manfred & Koressa, Prince & Princess of An Tir, declared the Elf Hill Times the Arts & Sciences Magazine for the Principality of An Tir. The Elf Hill Times would go on to publish twice yearly editions through January of 1991, with three more numbers published between 1992 and 1998.


Adiantum Baronial Financial Policy – Last Updated 2019 (Word Doc)


The Adiantum Customary

Here you’ll find our by-laws, definitions of offices and more. This is the governing document for the Barony of Adiantum, an official branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, inc. This document denotes branch policies and customs and is subject to Principality Law, Kingdom Law, Corpora, Local, State and Federal laws.


Adiantum Ceremonial 2019

Baronial Awards

All awards are given by the Baron and Baroness unless otherwise noted. Their Excellencies would be delighted to receive award recommendations. Please read the list of awards. If you feel like someone you know has earned one of these honors, please take a moment to recommend them.

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If you are not sure what awards someone has, check out the An Tir Order of Precedence here. You can search by award or SCA name to find out what awards they might have.

  • Baronial Brownie
    Given for service to the Barony. It is the first level of award in the Barony.
  • Coulter and Cornucopia
    Given as a mid-level award for contribution and service to the Barony and the populace.
  • Fern and Quill
    Given for exceptional skill and service to the Barony in arts and sciences.
  • Vigilant Bear
    Given for exceptional martial prowess in armored combat, archery, rapier or thrown
    weapons. It can also be given for support in these activities.
  • Order of Adiantum
    Given for a lifetime of exceptional service to the Barony.
  • Band of Briars
    Given for service to the Barony in the clearing of land or upkeep of land.
  • Order of Courtesy of Adiantum
    Given to those members of the populous whose actions exemplify courtly and courteous behavior.
  • Ordo Aurei Ursi
    Baroness’ favor to be bestowed at the Baroness’ pleasure.
  • Order of the Golden Comb
    Given to households or encampments for having an exceptionally period appearance.
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A Chronology of Adiantum – Updated August 2021 (PDF)

Eugene, Oregon. Photo (cc)by: Lauram12345
Eugene, Oregon.
Photo (cc)by: Lauram12345