Welcome to the Barony of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum is located in the Principality of Summits, in the Kingdom of An Tir. It corresponds to the modern region of Lane County in Oregon, and encompasses the cities of Eugene and Springfield. Stretching westward all the way to the Pacific Ocean, the Barony is bordered on the north by Terra Pomaria and Coeur du Val; on the east by Corvaria and Southmarch; and on the south by the shire of Briaroak.

The Barony was formally created on March 27th, A.S. X/1976; its founding Baron and Baroness were Michael of Dragonswood and Alyanora of Vinca, who governed the land from then until A.S. XV/1980.

Our current Baron and Baroness is

Brynjarr Olfuss and Isis Sat Ne Nes Bastet

From the Coronet, September 2022

Meine Familie,

For a little over three years, I have had the distinct honor of being Baronin of Adiantum. When I stepped up with His Excellency Evan in A.S. LIV, I was excited and full of ideas. In the time between then and now, I’ve seen Our Barony shine. Our artisans have been recognized on a global scale and have made themselves available to the Knowne World at large. Our steel coterie has shifted and grown, creating close ties with our local community. Our local heroes have ascended the Alpine Thrones. Our archery and thrown weapons troupe has welcomed many of our newcomers – providing opportunities for people big and small to participate immediately. Our family has indeed grown.

What could not be expected or planned for was the loss our Barony endured. With the pandemic, lockdown, and cessation of events came a darkness I feared we might never recover from. However, this year, we have seen the dawning of a new and promising SCA. One where new life and excitement is welcomed with open arms. Where prosaic habits of the past are shaken loose and allowed to fall away.

Prior to Egils this year, I spoke with the Crown about continuing my tenure for a short time. My intent was multi-tiered. To maintain continuity while events opened back up, to facilitate the changeover of championships, to hold Sergeantry Trials, to adjust our timing so that all three baronies in Summits did not change over during the same Kingdom reign, and to allow time for new potential Baronial candidates to prepare. I feel that I have accomplished these goals.

After discussion with King Octamasades and Queen Achaxe, it has been determined that a Selection Polling shall be held in December to determine the next Coronets of Adiantum, with the selected pair to be invested at 12th Night 2023 (A.S. LVII). All interested candidates must submit a Letter of Intent and SCA Resume to Adiantum’s Seneschal no later than October 15th. Candidates determined to be acceptable by the Crown shall then take part in Meet & Greets scheduled October 25th and November 29th. Online polling will take place December 1st-12th.

It is my hope that every member of our barony will respect the office of the Coronet and support those individuals in service to the Crown. I am excited to see the direction our new Coronets will take us and look forward to welcoming them into the auspicious line of Cousins that have ascended the Adiantum throne.

In preparation for the Baronial Changeover, I will be holding a State of the Barony Address on December 17th. Prior to the live broadcast, a pdf will be made available with updates from Our current Officers, their warrant information, and a list of current Champions.

It has been a true honor and joy to serve as your Baronin. An adventure, to say the least! These years have taught me more than I could have ever imagined and I will remember my time as your Coronet fondly for the rest of my life. My final court will be held at Adiantum’s Yule on December 17th. I hope to see all of you there to help me recognize the members of our populace and share in good company.

Im Dienst,

Ayla Roth


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