Welcome to the Barony of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum is located in the Principality of Summits, in the Kingdom of An Tir. It corresponds to the modern region of Lane County in Oregon, and encompasses the cities of Eugene and Springfield. Stretching westward all the way to the Pacific Ocean, the Barony is bordered on the north by Terra Pomaria and Coeur du Val; on the east by Corvaria and Southmarch; and on the south by the shire of Briaroak.

The Barony was formally created on March 27th, A.S. X/1976; its founding Baron and Baroness were Michael of Dragonswood and Alyanora of Vinca, who governed the land from then until A.S. XV/1980.

Our current Baron and Baroness is

Brynjarr Olfuss and Isis Sat Ne Nes Bastet

Here is the website with all of the information about Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament

From the Coronet March 2033

Welcome Adiantum.

It has now been just over 3 months since we became your new Baroness and Baron and all we can say is, WOW!  In that short time we have seen our populous shine at events like Uselmas, Summits Alpine Scholar, Terra Pomaria’s Winters End, and Summits Coronet.   Our Heavy and Steel fighters, Artisans, and Volunteers did a great job of showing how talented, skilled, and dedicated they are to our great Kingdom and its lands.

As our biggest event approaches, Egils Skallagrrimson Memorial Tourney, we prepare for the rapid and fast paced months that follow that is known as ‘Tourney season”.    During these months we encourage everyone to pace themselves, support one another, and enjoy the dream that we all help create.  We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our members who often volunteer behind the scenes to make our dream happen.  These amazing people are the people sitting long hours at gate, working in the heat of kitchens, and helping people with parking and setting up.  Please take the time to thank these people, and if you can, give them a little relief by volunteering a little time as well.

Our thanks go out to many people who have helped us these first few months of being the Baroness and Baron of Adiantum.  We are looking forward to seeing the amazing things the people of Adiantum do this next event season.

Baroness Isis Sat Ne NesBastet

Baron Brynjarr Olfuss

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