Adiantum’s newsletter is The Bi-Cranial Bear.

The BiCranial Bear is the quarterly newsletter of the Barony of Adiantum (, the Lane County branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc ( Our focus is the material culture of the pre-1600 world. We started as a European medieval/Renaissance group but have broadened over the decades to embrace cultures throughout the world.

The Bear appears quarterly and is looking for articles of interest to historical re-creationists. We have activities that involve armored and rapier fighting; arts, crafts and sciences (cooking, clothing, wood working, metalwork, jewelry, gardening, etc.); music and dance, etc., etc. Our focus is primarily hands-on history, but articles about the general life-ways of a particular time/place are most welcome.

The newsletter is distributed electronically via the local group’s Facebook page and posted on our website. Please contact Pam Perryman at for more information.

Letters to the Barony

June 2019 Letter to the Barony
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August 2019 Letter to the Barony
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October 2019 Letter to the Barony
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