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Cleric-Knight-WorkmanArmored Combat

Armored Combat is one of the most visible and widely practiced activities in the Current Middle Ages. Fighters participate in tournaments as individuals and in war scenarios with many other participants. All fights are unscripted. The result of each fight comes from the fighter’s personal skill and level of training. SCA combat is based on a system of honor and chivalry.

Marshals, acting as safety officers, are always present on the field to supervise that combat happens safely and and that all equipment meets established safety standards.

More information about armored combat in the Kingdom of An Tir can be found here.

Heavy Fighters Practice:
Sunday at 10am
Emerald Park
1400 Lake Drive, Eugene, OR

Please check the Adiantum Facebook page for updates.


Rapier Fighters Practice:

Sunday at 10am
Emerald Park
1400 Lake Drive, Eugene, OR

Check the Facebook group or contact the Baronial Rapier Marshal for updates!

Adiantum Rapier Forum on Facebook

Loaner gear is available on a consistent basis.

Archery & Thrown Weapons

Loaner gear will be available if arrangements are made ahead of time, contact the Archery Marshal, email:

Donations to the Archery fund of $1-$2 for use of the loaner gear is appreciated and goes to help repair/refurbish gear and make practice happen.

Thrown Weapons – Knife, Axe & Spear are on hold for the Fall/Winter seasons, Spring/Summer practices will be held at the Dexter range, check the Barony of Adiantum FB page for announcements of TW practices.

Site location for outdoor practices subject to change due to weather. Please check the Adiantum Facebook page for updates. Loaner gear is available for Thrown Weapons. Loaner gear for Archery may be requested by contacting the Archery Marshal prior to practice.